RAR Repair Software

  • Perfectly repairs RAR files of any version.
  • Supports to repair corrupt, damaged or broken RAR file 4GB or more.
  • Prominent tool to repair RAR file on Windows 8, Windows 7, Vista, XP, etc.
  • Safely repairs encrypted and password protected RAR file.

What is RAR file?

RAR file is nothing but a data container which holds two or more computer files in compressed form. This RAR file can be easily attached to mail, as they’ll be of small in size. You cannot attach folders to mail, only file can be attached to mail. If you want to send folders then it is better to first compress the folder and form a RAR file using a RAR application. Once RAR file is created, you can easily attach that file to email. These RAR files will also help you, if you want to optimize the hard drive space, which means if you want to avoid more space usage on hard drive, then RAR files will be very supportive. While sending photos or music files in large numbers the files are generally compressed as RAR file and then sent. This helps to transfer large number of files at a time, which will also save the time.

But, at times, a compressed RAR file gets corrupt due to some errors or mistakes. A corrupt RAR file does no give access to the files in it. To regain access to the files you need a reliable repair tool. In that case, you can make use of this best application to repair RAR file, as this software is considered as one of the safe and secure software. RAR repair utility is the most recommended software by the industrial professionals and experts to fix corrupted RAR files. At times your RAR file may decline to open by displaying some error message, which may be due to corruption of RAR archive. You can even mend and regain access from that kind of files too, using this awesome tool.

Why RAR repair software to fix RAR file?

RAR repair application is a read only tool which does not harm the source RAR file. It just scans the corrupted RAR file using the powerful scanning engine and creates a new healthy copy of the damaged file. This utility is free from any virus or spyware or malware etc. Built with strong repair algorithms, that can be used to fix damaged RAR archive. For additional reading, dig more. RAR files of versions like RAR 1.3, RAR 1.5, RAR 2, RAR 3 etc. can be repaired with the help of this tool. Many experts and professionals who work with RAR file recommend to use this tool. It supports repair of inaccessible RAR archive on Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows XP and Windows Vista etc. Software even repair files on external drive, pen drive, memory card, memory stick and other data storage devices. Software comes with easy- to- use user interface so for each and every step it provides clear directions with screen shots. Thus, even an inexperienced user who has less computer knowledge and doesn't know how to repair RAR file can also fix RAR file on its own. The preview option of this tool lets you to see how successful the repair process is by displaying you with a complete list of repaired data and files. You can even save a particular or open a single file with the help of "Find option" which is provided with the tool. You can decide yourself about buying the software by taking a look on repaired data before you actually buy it. RAR repair tool is available in demo as well as in full version for download.

Factors leading for RAR corruption:

RAR files are prone to corruption for a variety of reasons. These include:

  • CRC Error: When the rotating checksum of RAR archive does not match with each other before unzipping and after unzipping, CRC error arises. This makes RAR archive inaccessible and most of the times it fails to open. Now, the common question arises under this situation is how to repair RAR file. Well, you can read more on repairing RAR Archive when it restricts to open.
  • Download Error: If the RAR file download is incomplete, or if an error is encountered at the time of downloading a RAR archive, the file gets corrupted. This will make entire data of RAR archive inaccessible.
  • Different File Extension: When the file extension of RAR is changed to some unknown format, then RAR file will get corrupted and becomes unreadable and you will fail to access any of the stored content resulting in loss of data.
  • Virus Infection: Virus is a very disastrous element for computer data, it never leaves any computer file when gets into the hard drive of computer. If it infects the RAR file then it gets corrupted, after which you will not be able to access data from corrupted RAR file.    

In addition to these, there are few more reasons as a result of which RAR files get corrupted, for instance errors while extracting data from RAR archive, if RAR archive gets saved on bad sector and so on. But in all the cases you can make use of RAR repair software and fix the errors, as the tool knows how to repair RAR archive perfectly.  

Precautions measures to avoid RAR file corruption:

  • Do not try to open again and again.
  • Always use reliable RAR application.
  • Always maintain a backup of the important data.
  • Keep your computer free from harmful computer viruses, by using antivirus app.
  • If you are downloading RAR archive from web, then make sure that your internet connection does not get interrupted.

Even after following all these above described precautionary steps, if RAR file gets corrupted then make use of RAR repair tool and repair corrupted RAR archive. There are lots of RAR repair tools available in market, if you select any unreliable utility then it would create disaster on your PC. Sometimes these unreliable tools can cause further corruption and also degrade the performance of your PC. But, this RAR repair software is trusted and is an award winning utility consistently from several years. So, without any hesitation you can opt this beneficial RAR fix tool to perform RAR file repair. 

Recent Update:

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RAR File Says No Files Extract: People usually get upset when they encounter with no file extract error message while extracting files from RAR file. At this situation you need help of RAR repair software. By using this tool you can easily fix WinRAR no files to extract error and extract data from their corrupt RAR file. For additional info visit this page: http://www.rarrepairsoftware.net/file-says-no-files-to-extract.html

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Steps to repair a corrupted RAR file:

Follow the procedure given below to repair broken RAR file, including corrupt or damaged.

Step 1: You need to download and install the repair application first. Proceed further and browse your damaged RAR file by clicking on “Browse” button and select that file. Start the repair process by clicking on “Repair” tab once.

RAR Repair Software - Main Screen

Step 2: Preview the repaired archive contents once the repair and scanning process gets completed. In order to restore the repaired file, click the “Next” button to move on to a new screen.

RAR Repair Software - Repaired Files

Step 3: Save your RAR files in a mapped network or in an externally connected USB drive by choosing “Browse” tab to select the destination path, and then by clicking on the “Save” option.

RAR Repair Software - Save Files