How can I Fix Bad RAR File???

RAR (Roshal Archive) is a compression file format that is created by WinRAR application to compress numerous numbers of files into one single file so that the file size is reduced which makes easier to share large sized files over internet via emails. As these RAR files are saved for longer duration of time, thus it is very quite obvious for RAR files to get damaged or corrupted as result of various reasons. But, once these RAR files meets any sought of corruption or damage scenarios, the working RAR file turns into bad and refuses to open. Instead, when you try to extract such bad RAR files, it might generate some known or unknown errors. Thus, you will not be able to access any of the information from this bad RAR file thereby resulting in severe loss of vital data saved in it.

So, if you want to gain access to the bad RAR file then you would need to fix bad RAR file. Just be calm!! Do not get agitated!!! In such scenario, RAR repair software which is considered to be the most proficient bad RAR file fixing application helps you to repair bad RAR archives. RAR repair toolkit is non destructive, read only software that creates a copy of your bad RAR file and can repair bad RAR file efficiently without leading to any type of damage to your original RAR archive file. Thus, do not waste your much time and go for this RAR repair tool to mend bad RAR file. Check out the given page link, in case you need more details on this repair toolbox.

Common situations for making RAR file bad:

  • While downloading RAR files from emails, if the downloading process gets interrupted due to network connection issues, power outages, etc. then your RAR files will get improperly downloaded. This would lead to corruption of RAR file thereby turning the file into bad and unreadable causing data loss. You need to use bad RAR file fixer, if you want to repair bad RAR file and extract data from it.
  • Virus intrusion on the storage drive where your RAR archives are stored will infect the RAR files and make them bad by changing the internal structure. Thus, causing inaccessibility of file resulting in huge loss of vital information. In such cases, you need to employ RAR repair software for repairing bad RAR file.
  • In case the header file of RAR gets corrupted due to any factor such as malware invasion, power surge or any other reason, would make the RAR file bad and restricts its access to the users leading to severe data loss condition. At this particular stage, only RAR repair tool can help you to repair bad RAR file easily with great accuracy.
  • Archived RAR file will be having CRC i.e. Cyclic Redundancy Check, to make sure data transfer. When you extracting RAR file, CRC of the RAR file should match the code that was while adding the files to RAR. If the code doesn’t match, the RAR file refuses to open which means that CRC of RAR archives might have got corrupted resulting in loss of essential RAR file. However, you can fix bad RAR file, using RAR file repair toolbox.

Our RAR repair tool can help you to tackle with all above defined RAR file corruption scenarios. It might also make you to face various errors like "Unexpected end of file", "File not a RAR Archive" and more. But, this software can effectively fix file that says not a valid RAR Archive just within a matter of time. Browse around the given site to learn more on how to fix RAR file errors and make the data accessible. This application is user friendly that can also be employed by non technical users to. You can repair bad RAR archives created on all versions of RAR. RAR repair software is the ultimate bad RAR file fixer, which is featured with high tech repair scanning algorithms that scans your bad RAR file to repair and recover data from it. Also, the software can recover corrupted RAR files. The software would helps you to repair bad RAR file on all major editions of Windows like Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows XP and Windows Vista.

Easy steps to fix bad RAR file:

Step A: To repair bad RAR file First download and install demo version of RAR repair software. Click on "Browse" to select the bad RAR file and next click on “Repair” tab to repair bad RAR archives as in Figure 1.

Repair Bad RAR File - Main Screen

Figure 1: Main Screen

Step B: Once done with the repair process, you can preview the repaired files as in Figure 2.

Repair Bad RAR File - Preview Fixed RAR File

Figure 2: Preview Fixed RAR File

Step C: Now, save the repaired RAR file by selecting a destination location using “Save” option to save your repaired file as in Figure 3.

Repair Bad RAR File - Save Repaired File

Figure 3: Save Repaired File