How to Fix Damaged RAR Archive???

Are you facing problem in opening a RAR file? Is it repeatedly popping error messages? It may be due to corruption of your RAR file. You must not get disheartened, because to get back access to the file, you need to address and fix the cause of corruption. It’s easy to repair damaged RAR archive with the help of a RAR Repair Software. This tool can fix broken RAR file efficiently and safely. Read more about it.

RAR gained their popularity due to the ability of compressing data or different files in just single file, in a compressed way. By doing which you can save a lot of memory space on computer hard disk. Sometimes this boon can become a curse by restricting you from accessing all the data that was present in a RAR file. Here are some of the causes that can lead a RAR file to become inaccessible.

Causes for RAR archive corruption:

The various reasons for RAR corruption are as follows

Antivirus software: Virus influx can affect a RAR file structure. If there is no anti-virus program on your computer, a virus attack is imminent and this may often lead to RAR file corruption. Virus is program that can replicate itself and spread in whole computer by corruption data like RAR file, Winzip file and other applications that are present on your computer. But it is possible to repair damaged RAR archive with the help of RAR Repair application.

Improper shutdown: If there is a power surge while working on a RAR file, the files may get damaged and hence become inaccessible. Which makes files that are compressed in that RAR file unextractable finally resulting in data loss kind of situation. Even in this case you can use RAR Repair application to fix damaged RAR archive.

Third party application: Malicious software corrupt RAR files and damage them severely. Suppose you install a third party software that contains some malicious data. when that software is made to run it may corrupt RAR files by damaging the structure of the compressed files.

These are some of the causes for corruption of RAR. By using a reliable RAR repair application you can overcome problems related to severely damaged RAR files, as there are many applications that present today to get over these corruption causes. Find more info here. RAR repair software can repair damaged RAR archive of all versions of RAR like RAR 1.3, RAR 1.5, RAR 2, RAR 3 etc., by performing a deep scan of the corrupted archive and the hard disk. This application can repair damaged WinRAR files of size 4GB or more in just couple of minutes.

RAR Repair software can fix RAR files which are password protected. Software can even fix unreadable RAR file due to CRC error in few simple clicks. RAR Repair tool is safest computer application which doesn’t include any kind of harmful elements such as viruses or malignant programs. Hence it’s an appropriate tool to repair damaged WinRAR files. It’s a most popular repair tool which is used repair damaged RAR archive and has remained an award winning utility constantly.  

This tool has a free trial version which can be used to repair damaged RAR archive, this will help you to check its efficiency. The do-it-yourself interface ensures that the fixing is completed without much of an effort and without any experts or professionals help. This tool not only helps you to fix damaged RAR archive, but it even helps you in recovering the file from the corrupted RAR. It’s a user friendly application, so no assistance is required to repair damaged WinRAR files. To check out more about corrupted RAR recovery process check out this link

Steps to fix damaged RAR file:

Step 1: To initiate damaged RAR file repair process, first you have to download and install the repair software. Search and select the corrupted RAR file using “Browse” tab. Next click on “Repair” tab to start the repair process.

Repair Damaged RAR Archive - Main Screen

Step 2: Now the software will fix damaged RAR archive. Once repairing process is completed you can preview the file contents easily.

Repair Damaged RAR Archive - Fixed RAR Archive

Step 3: Save the repaired RAR file by selecting a destination location. Just click on “Select Folder” button and then use “Save” option to save your lost data.

Repair Damaged RAR Archive - Save File