How to extract corrupt RAR files?

RAR (Roshal Archive) are very common files on computers these days, usually RAR files are utilized to compress one or more files into a single file. These files are widely used to save memory space and are also very helpful while downloading or uploading files on internet, the RAR also provides some advanced features such as file splitting, encryption, password protection, compression ration etc. However many a times you find it very difficult to extract the contents of a RAR file, this is due to RAR file corruption. And in order to overcome this situation you need to make use of RAR repair software. This tool helps you in extracting corrupt RAR files in a short amount of time. You can also use this tool in case you encounter any sort of error when extracting RAR file.

After RAR file corruption, you won’t be able to extract any files from the RAR file. So if you are one such user who wants to extract corrupt RAR files, it can be done using RAR repair program. This application can be used to fix broken RAR files of size more than 4GB. It is finest software to extract corrupt RAR files. But before heading towards the repair procedure, let’s have a look at some scenarios which results in RAR file corruption or damage.

Scenarios Leading to RAR file Corruption

  • Interruption: If there is any interruption such as sudden power failure, improper system termination or any other while downloading an important RAR file then it leads to RAR archive corruption and damage.
  • Malware Infection: RAR file corruption also occurs, if there are sever malware or virus infection on storage medium which has your important RAR files
  • Renaming RAR File Extension: RAR files also get corrupt, if you rename the RAR file with an inappropriate extension such as .jpg or .mp3 etc.  This makes the file inaccessible and severely corrupt
  • Other Reasons: Cyclic redundancy check(CRC) error while extracting RAR file, incomplete download of RAR archive, downloading the RAR file from unreliable websites, using unreliable third party application to extract your important RAR files, presence of bad sectors where RAR files are stored and many others

Few Precautionary Measures:

However, there are few safety measures which help you in avoiding RAR file corruption such as using download managers applications to download your important RAR files. Installing and using powerful antivirus program to remove deadly viruses or malwares causing RAR file corruption. Backing up your important RAR files so that it can be restored back at time of corruption. Lastly, not using any unreliable utility to extract the contents of your vital RAR archives

Even though taking precautionary measures if your WinRAR file becomes corrupted then you can repair it with the aid of RAR Repair Software. To know how visit hare:

Why to use RAR Repair Software?

It is highly recommended to use RAR repair software because this is among the best software to repair and extract corrupt RAR files; the application rigorous scans and extracts all the content of the corrupt RAR file without missing even a single one. Using this tool you can easily fix RAR file error no files to extract. The tool also helps you in extracting corrupt RAR files created on WinRAR versions such including WinRAR 2.00, WinRAR 2.90, WinRAR 3.50 WinRAR 3.70, WinRAR 3.80, WinRAR 3.90 and WinRAR 4.00. In addition to this, the application even fixes password locked and encrypted RAR archives; The software easily repairs RAR file which are inaccessible or broken on all latest version of Windows operating system such as Windows 2003 and Windows 2008, Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7 and Windows 8. The best thing about the utility is that the tool is a read only software which doesn’t damage or modify the contents of the RAR archive while repair process. If you cannot extract exe files from RAR file, then with the help of this repair utility you can fix the error.

Note: RAR Repair Software can easily fix broken RAR Archive files. To know about broken RAR Archive repair visit:

Perform below mentioned steps to extract corrupt RAR files:

Step 1: "Download" and "Install" this repair software on your system. Launch the software after installing and select the corrupted RAR file which you want to repair by using "Browse" option. Then click on "Repair" tab to start the repair process.

Extracting Corrupt RAR Files - Home Screen

Figure1: Home Screen

Step 2: At the end of the reapiring process, you can preview the RAR file contents.

Extracting Corrupt RAR Files - Preview File

Figure2: Preview File

Step 3: Save the repaired RAR file by selecting a destination location. Just click on "Select Folder" option and then use "Save" option to save your repaired RAR file.

Extracting Corrupt RAR Files - Save File

Figure3: Save File